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Saturday, 23 April 2011

A Beautiful Exchange

The cry of the Cross
Through bloodshed and pain
God’s mercy triumphant
My wretchedness exchanged.

Rivers of God’s grace
Cleansing my soul
Freed from condemnation
Recreating me whole

All my sin and guilt
Cast upon the tree
Absolutely dealt with
Provision made for me.

God’s wrath wholly satisfied
At the final heartbeat
Total acceptance
The sacrifice complete.

Through the blood of Jesus
His righteousness proclaimed
Torrential outpouring
My liberty now claimed.

My Heart now beats with passion
Ancient days now strange
A glorious new beginning
In this Beautiful Exchange.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

It is finished

It is finished!
Completed at the cross
All my sin eternally dealt with
Free from guilt and dross.

It is finished!
The veil rent apart
A new covenant started
Creating a brand new heart.

It is finished!
The law made obsolete
A perfect high priest
His accepted sacrifice complete

It is finished!
The final cry released
History separated
The wrath of God appeased.

It is finished!
The power of hell disarmed
The ministry of death defeated
Freed from trouble and harm.

It is finished!
The fullness of God freely showered
Incredible encounter
His victory empowered.

It is finished!
The wonder of his love
Grace overflowing
Blessing poured down from above.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011


Heaven kisses
This aching frame
Arms wide open
Free from pain.

Floods of glory
His presence near
Touching my spirit
Grace is here.

Words can’t express
The full release
Spirit cascades
Overwhelming peace.

Filled with his power
Transforming my mind
Bringing hope
As assurance I find.

High expectation
Wanting more
Fill me up
Your presence explore.

Touched by love
Brand new start
Undeserved favour
Overflowing my heart.

Friday, 1 April 2011


Will it come?
Everything unclear
Waiting patiently
Will it appear?

Feeling so helpless
So incomplete
Accepting Inactivity
Broken heartbeat.

I know it is coming
The signs are there
Gathering expectation
My senses aware.

Help me to wait
To find the trust
Keeping my heart
Freed from life’s rust.

A signal drops
Slowly the train
Hissing and squealing
Its power contained.

The train has arrived
My waiting finished
Everything accomplished
Joy fully cherished.