Poems. Prayers & Promises

Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Awaken my mind to the spirit
Aware of Christ’s life on the inside
Not just my thoughts
The influences of the natural world.

Change the perspective to my re-born spirit
Walk in closeness with Christ’s presence
The consciousness of the spirit’s realm.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Falling In Love

Sip the wine as it kisses my lips, that
dance of delight which entices my heart,
drunk on the feelings of unrestrained joy

The pure wind of heaven captivates, a
glimpse of wonder, a touch of the divine
which quiets the warning voices that ravage.

Strike the nails that piece deep into my skin,
in a fragrant myrrh of passion and pain,
that draws me deeper into your embrace.

Satisfy my gloom and anguish, now fill
the desperate need of acceptance, a
touch, a connection filled with affection.

Enticed into an extravagant duet,
offered a chalice of touch and glances,
to drink the pure wine of loves sacrifice

Without restraint take me captive, submerge
into fathomless depths of buoyant love,
bring liberty to free a condemned soul

Breathe in your presence and savor the blood
written into my heart, the glass of your
fondness induces me to come inside

A waltz of discovery where all is
lost on a journey of hope to a far
distant land, following my forlorn heart

Hold me with your gaze, sweetly blow away
clouds of oppression, release us into
the swift stream of undiluted desire.

By Mametz

Sunday, 21 October 2012

A Bitter PIll

A bitter pill given takes away my breath
Inherited nature leads me to my death
Every moment lived drives me to my fate.

A hopeless void engulfs my vacant heart
As fear wells up consuming every part
And deep inside my heart cries out forlorn.

Somehow I know there is an answer
A rescue from the trap of life’s cancer
A cry of hope in my desperation.

Your blood poured out for my redemption
Deaths reign now ended by your resurrection
The sting of death eternally made obsolete.

Hope now fills my heart as I realize
That my mortal body will one day rise
And death will have no more hold on me.


Friday, 19 October 2012


The Keeper waits at the edge of the world,
as he knots his nets of starlight and air.
He watches and works and waits for the girl.
The one who charts the edge of this world.

Skating the edge, sharp bladed, she swirls.
He hears in her movement the breath of despair.
She makes her last turn and launches, midair
into madness
her sanity unfurls
into madness
her lunatic plunge.

Universe explodes pierced by radiant nets.
His scarred hands unfurl in their shattering pain.
The Keeper waits at the edge of the world.
Waiting, tear stained, for the girl.

Through space
starlight rushes.
She plummets

Will star nets contain her?
Suspended, she cries.

How will I chart the edge of this world
now that I've fallen off?

Monday, 15 October 2012

The Oil of your Word

The oil of your word
Drips through my hands, anointing me
Your sweet aroma
Floods through my senses, filling me
Embraced with you love, releasing me.

The wave of your spirit
Pours through my life, changing me
Your divine power
Pierces through my soul, healing me
Filled with your fullness, transforming me.

The realm of your glory
Breaks through my being, connecting me
A river of blessing
Flows through my all, enabling me
Released with your grace, embracing me.