Poems. Prayers & Promises

Thursday, 26 September 2013


What should I do with the watered dust?
Soak its colour
Smell the rust
Such unforgiving powder.

So I scatter
While eyes look on
To a heart that matters
Pages under rain.

But in the time that is left
I do not remember
The taste I once kept
Paid in milk and honey.

I will cherish the light
Touch the rough splinters
Hammer nails with might
Into the cross of answers.

Written for Poets United

Wednesday, 25 September 2013


The sky had a returning chill
It danced autumn’s desire
Stretched taut over the trees
On the October canopy.

Giant visions of immortality
Thundered rugged into darkness
An overlay of black cloud
Crept careful towards tomorrow
Into light’s remaining prism.

A flash of lightening
Fearful thunder
Rain and wind
Visitation of fear.

On such a day
I saw your grief and pain
Unassailable sadness
The emotions in the air that day
Soul’s estate.

A vision of tomorrow
Birthed in a sleepless night
Of rugged truths,
An eternal chasm,
A portrait of power
In a living psalm.

Written for Poetry Jam

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Just Past The Center

The cold air
Swirls like cotton
Rain drops
Slowly to the ground
Threads of colour
Dance down the creases
Of black umbrellas.

The Vicar’s words
Shatter hushed silence
And curiosity rises
A quiet fascination
Held in spun sound
Hushed words of life
Spilled in sorrows ground.

A disturbing thought
Slips into my mind
Perhaps the grief
Mingles with time and age
Just past the center
Close to midnight
Is buried together

On the stroke of hope
Beams of light
Lift darkened tears
With the colour of life
That spins its threaded chart
I treasure the promise
Around my trembling heart.


Written for Poets United and Theme Thursday

Wednesday, 18 September 2013


I never understood
When the darkness came
That I could live
Without blindness
That the more I saw
I could accept the peace
Which passes understanding.

The world got darker
Without light
Shadows of evil
Of souls oblivion
And binding.

How did I let this happen?
Was I not ready for the battle?
Was I not aware of you?
Perhaps I was blind,
Closed my eyes,
To your light
And kindness.

Written for Poetry Jam

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Crimson Flame

Crimson flame alight
Gentle glow loves emerald sea
Grace within my heart

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

The Lost Coin

She searched
By candle light
Stretched out her heart
And hoped
In every place
In every nook and cranny
Until she found it
And she knew, that in her hands
Was the answer.
So gently, she held unto the lost coin
She lovingly, kept it safe,

Written for Poetry Jam

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Crimson Tree

I love to boast
In the cross that saved me

That purchased my ransom
That paid the price
And in his suffering

There on the crimson tree

Everything that I enjoy
Was freely given to me

I died with Christ
It was my corpse
Raised as a new creation
Raised into new life

It was all obtained at the cross
He took what I deserved

Now awaken to the truth
Alive to all his grace.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Rust Never Sleeps

A gift hidden from sight
Am present for this moment to connect

For the day which passes into night

For each touch reaches sadness
The power to heal
And bring love and acceptance.

For within its burnt sapphire realm
Rust slowly moves
And captures the forgotten dreams

Perhaps this occasion to meet
Thought and prayer
Expressed in hope

For rust never sleeps in our hearts.


Written for Poetry Jam

* Inspired by Neil Young's album - Rust Never Sleeps.