Poems. Prayers & Promises

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Without Vision

The lights come on
To the eyes of the seeking
By clear sighted captives
In oceans of dreams.

To see far horizons
And travel into expanses
With unglimpsed fragile shores
In realms of paradox.

Without revelation
In the fountain of precious moments
Everything is dispersed
In rooms of the perishing.

The lights come on
Loves bright illumination
Shards of hope shine
In the hearts of redemption

Written for Poetry Jam

Visions of this room

Curtains closed together
As secret as reflected freedom
And the quiet ticking clock.
Within these solid walls
Meaningless moments.
In memories that hang
From tattered threads
On polished rails
With dust
Left unfulfilled.
A congregation of dreams
Held with wasted tears
And on the edge of silence
With visions of the future,
Treasures of the past,
It would be wrong to argue.
Pull back the curtains
And open the windows
Doors to nowhere
See heaven
In the glory of the mind.

Written for Poetry Jam

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

The Sound of Silence

Scattered at peace
On an endless breeze
Drift into life
The heartbeat still of every seed
Between the cracks of lush meadows
Hard, dirty little rocks
And stones abound.
Now is the time
to remove the warm sleeping thorns
The wakening worried weeds.
Softly rises passion
No weeds grow
No lies abound
No birds to steal
Amongst my dreams
I hear the silence
Of roots being grounded
And nourished within the soil.
Written for Poetry Jam - The Sound of Silence