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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

But Why?

I am unwanted, 
So why am I here? 
I am dead inside, 
So why do I have tears? 

My soul is broken, 
So why am I still alive? 
My hope is gone, 
So why won't I die? 

My spirit is lost? 
So is there a future for me? 
My mind is confused, 
So who am I suppossed to be? 

I am helpless, 
Is there anyone there? 
I am beaten, 
But does anyone care? 

My world is a nightmare, 
So why won't I wake? 
My life is my hell, 
So why do I stay? 

My heart is burning, 
But why are my feelings cold? 
My friends surround me, 
So why do I feel alone? 

I am tired, 
So why do I give in? 
I am screaming, 
So why won't anyone listen? 

My wrists are bloody, 
But does anyone even notice? 
My blood is in a puddle, 
But does anyone see this? 

My body trembles, 
But does anyone quiet my fears? 
My voice cries out, 
But does anyone hear? 

I am unsure, 
So why do I try? 
I am confused, 
So why do I fight?

By Heather Rhoden

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