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Sunday, 17 November 2013


I see the King, Alpha and Omega
Sweet consummation echoed in his voice
Living word, incarnation fulfillment.

I see the volleys of comets red fire
A rich crimson stream of love and mercy
Stains the shore of the crystal diamond lake.

I see the last rainbow through clouds burning
Loves consuming smoke dispersing evil
Shudders the ravaged cluster of the heart.

I see the mountains slide into the sea
Amethyst shreds strewn, bled and ripped apart
The last and the first his reigning beauty.

I see love captured in pure white linen
Purchased stars washed clean in sacrificed blood
Eternal praise radiates heavens light.

Written for Poetry Jam


  1. This is beautifully expressed, Alan.
    Well worth waiting for.
    Prayerful words indeed.

  2. Beautiful words Alan! I like your imagery, especially the "volleys of comets red fire" as well as "the crystal diamond lake" but the closing stanza is my favorite.

  3. Beautiful imagery here Alan--though it all sounds a little frightening as well. Thanks for posting this and responding to my prompt. I am thinking about lightning--a rare thing here.

  4. Lovely poem - the song "what a wonderful world" came to mind. I also sensed the spiritual. The poem seemed to see saw between Heaven and Earth. Loved it.

  5. Alan, a stream of beautiful, vibrant images! Especially loved that last stanza, perfect peace

  6. This is absolutely beautiful and captured me in a moment where I started to weep. So beautiful Alan…very well expressed.

  7. Verses full of light and love ~ Meaningful words to ponder ~ Thanks Alan ~


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