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Sunday, 2 November 2014

Psalm 12

I have seen justice
I have watched as others escaped
I have cherished goodness
I have seen weakness burn.

On falling leaves and rising suns
On something as lifeless as rock
On a far away persistent clock
On a granite boulder sealed to hold

A time when things were made to live
A furnace heat to purify silver
A fragment of a splintered heart
A place that once meant nothing

You remain faithful now and forever
You protect all that are oppressed
You reveal yourself in scarlet nails
You provided everything in your sacrifice


  1. god keeps us in his protective custody always and we need to be truthful and honest in everything we do.

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  3. One is blessed to think there is always Providence above to spread goodness to all provided one asks for them. Those who remember will be remembered! Rightly so alan!



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