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Monday, 15 October 2012

The Oil of your Word

The oil of your word
Drips through my hands, anointing me
Your sweet aroma
Floods through my senses, filling me
Embraced with you love, releasing me.

The wave of your spirit
Pours through my life, changing me
Your divine power
Pierces through my soul, healing me
Filled with your fullness, transforming me.

The realm of your glory
Breaks through my being, connecting me
A river of blessing
Flows through my all, enabling me
Released with your grace, embracing me.


  1. I like the 'fluid' images of grace and blessings flooding your life in this poem.

    If I made any change, it would be in the first stanza - I'd change drips through my hands to bathes my hands because it directly alludes to Mary's beautiful gift of anointing Jesus' feet with perfumed oil in John 12:1-3.

    But I defer to the poet, who in my mind, is always right :-)


  2. Thank You RDG

    You certainly give me things to think about, you may be right :)

    If you don't mind i would like to re-post a couple of your poems, i promise i will treat them well.

    Be blessed

  3. I would be honored for you to re-post my poems. That is such a wonderful compliment, and I do thank you for it.

    Indeed I am blessed!



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