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Friday, 22 March 2013

Crimson Chalice

I can taste the wine
The golden nectar of eternity
The ruby stream of separation
Crimson chalice
Stream of separation.

I can see the sky
The dismal clouds that threaten me
The grey domain of glory
A silver heaven
Domain of glory.

I can smell the flower
The sweet scent of presence
The luscious dream of nature
Shivered shadows
Dream of nature.

I can hear your voice
The affliction of your breath
The indifferent waffle without meaning
 A distant tune
Without meaning.

I can feel your touch
The cold marble of midnight
The early frost of winter
Passing immortality
Frost of winter.

I can sense your spirit
The warm ghost of your whisper
The rushing flow of the river
Soundless surrender
Flow of the river.

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  1. I love your poem-the depth you created and the guided imagery!


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