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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Crimson Vial

The cord that reconciles
Justice held in suspense
Innocent blood eternally spent
Incense offered
Rebellions judgment
Crimson vial.

Forgiven my debts and declared me rich,
Cancelled my failure and declared me a success,
Buried my sinful nature and created me a new creation,
Killed my orphan heart and adopted me as his son,
Released me from the law and declared me righteous,
Ended my separation and made me his holy vessel.

Through his suffering declaration
Justified in streams of scarlet
Became what I deserved
Incense offered
Redemptions attire
Crimson vial.


  1. "Justified in streams of scarlet
    Became what I deserved"

    Really poignant lines.

  2. You know, you have have so many blogs, I am quite confused where I will find you ~ Smiles ~

    I love the theme & depth of words of crimson vial ~ There is a religious overtone, specially in the second stanza ~ Thanks for sharing your words ~


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