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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Visions of this room

Curtains closed together
As secret as reflected freedom
And the quiet ticking clock.
Within these solid walls
Meaningless moments.
In memories that hang
From tattered threads
On polished rails
With dust
Left unfulfilled.
A congregation of dreams
Held with wasted tears
And on the edge of silence
With visions of the future,
Treasures of the past,
It would be wrong to argue.
Pull back the curtains
And open the windows
Doors to nowhere
See heaven
In the glory of the mind.

Written for Poetry Jam


  1. Opening the windows and letting the light in can always make us feel better. I like how this goes from a negative feel to a positive end.

  2. nice...i like how you use the window and curtains in this...i think at times we can be the ones to keep those curtains closed not allowing ourselves to see that bit of heaven...

  3. i like the end. Letting in the light is the way


  4. i like Treasures of the past as well as the end..

  5. The shifting mood in this is very effective, Alan. There is such a feeling of transformation and opening up at the end. Thanks for posting this! I hope you will post the other poem you wrote for the prompt as well!

  6. I agree very much with the idea of pulling back the curtains and opening the windows....one can have a MUCH better view of SO many things!

  7. Love the line 'a congregation of dreams' ~~ choosing to believe they are of the good variety ~ not unfulfilled. I enjoyed your poem Alan.

  8. Baroque Music not only opens the window and doors but is a mirror that reflects the glorious face of the Divine...the short route to Heaven!

  9. I love "a congregation of dreams", and the pulling back of the curtains to find heaven "in the glory of the mind". Lovely.

  10. I love the metaphor of pulling the curtains and opening the windows, seeing the glory of the mind, so freeing. Beautiful :)

  11. Really interesting change of mood towards the end. Uplifting conclusion.


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