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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

The Sound of Silence

Scattered at peace
On an endless breeze
Drift into life
The heartbeat still of every seed
Between the cracks of lush meadows
Hard, dirty little rocks
And stones abound.
Now is the time
to remove the warm sleeping thorns
The wakening worried weeds.
Softly rises passion
No weeds grow
No lies abound
No birds to steal
Amongst my dreams
I hear the silence
Of roots being grounded
And nourished within the soil.
Written for Poetry Jam - The Sound of Silence


  1. This is beautiful, Alan. I like thinking of all that is happening beneath the soil!! So much that we REALLY don't hear, but which is so important to the life of us all.

  2. Our soul does need nourishment and weeding, too. Gorgeous.

  3. to remove interfering weeds & thorns so passion can grow - i love that

  4. the silence of roots being grounded...wow, not that is some intense silence...smiles....it is time to remove the thorns and weeds surely so the garden can grow....

  5. A beautiful response to this prompt --- unique in its imagery. Loved this!

  6. Beautiful metaphor ... weeding, letting go of the thorns in the garden of life ... like a spiritual cleansing. Lovely :)

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  8. Wow...this is so interesting, alan. Even ancient men believed that there was a whole underground-world! Today. Physicists are still trying to figure out the hypothetical number of universes that were formed as a result of the Big Bang theory. So, your poetry has a scientific touch too!
    I just love this de-weeding metaphor. Beautiful )

  9. roots being grounded. Beautiful!


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