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Thursday, 23 January 2014

The Vinedressers

Time drew near

And the vinedressers
Of a far away land
In fields that are dark
Beat and stoned
And killed each servant.

On ritual ground
An impossible tower
Entangled in the poison tree.

The master’s tears
Born in hope
Dissolved in despair
Stepped back to mercy
His only option
To offer his son.

Compassionate blood
Poured out on the wild vine
Dashed over a stone.

They took his inheritance
With poison and lies
Crushed the stone
His precious son.

And broke the heart of the master.

(There was a certain landowner who planted a vineyard and set a hedge around it, dug a winepress in it and built a tower. And he leased it to vinedressers and went into a far country – Matthew 21:33)


  1. What a sad turn in the ending ~ it would certainly break the heart of a loving person ~

  2. nice retelling of the gospel...when all the workers were killed i was intrigued as it was much different for me from you...thank good ness for grace and the son eh? had a conversation the other day on if the death and blood was a necessary element of the gospel...i fell on the side that it was to really understand it...

  3. Alan, you always shed new light on these stories. A masterful composition here.

  4. I agree with Vandana -- only a heart courageous can do this...you've done the story proud...it brought tears to my eyes.


  5. after this you think he should've give up on us...glad that he did not...

  6. I hate these rituals who are they to kill the son....... They should be killed first........

  7. Sad... intense writing. Very well-penned.

  8. That menacing, dark quality of the first few lines...then the hopeful middle part... and then the sad denouement. Liked it very much.

  9. I liked how you revisited this story and added your own poetic touch.

  10. You can't beat the scriptures for reality, refreshingly stripped of all the cotton wool candied packaging. We can learn a lot about writing from them apart from the religious significance. Very moving poem.

  11. A vivid and apt telling/retelling of the scripture. So much light to be shed if we keep our minds open. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Oh how cool, you updated a bible story and made it feel like today. Beautiful writing, Alan.

  13. A very well done exposition of the Matthew. K.

  14. I am not a religious person - but your words drew me in Alan ~ a beautiful write

  15. Think after everything that has been done we'd be given up on long ago, great retelling

  16. The Master's tears born in hope..powerful piece of writing..

  17. A sad story, nicely written..it is hard to believe someone can give up a life for these rituals which I never understand.

  18. You told the story in poetic form beautifully. This theme always makes me wonder at the ingratitude of mankind.


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