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Sunday, 13 July 2014

Psalm 7

The mountains call
Flickering rainbows of light
Chasing the clouds
Onward in anticipation
Transported beyond
Fragile rising storms
Unsuspecting arrival
Contemplation of joy
Dangled before my eyes
A covenant of awe
Somehow understood
In the moment of participation
Reserved for me
An undoubted pleasure


  1. as the storms now push over the mountains down on me...i have heard the rumbling thunder for a while now...its starting to darken though...storms have such awesome power...we need not fear them though when we have that eternal protection...smiles.

  2. understanding that there is an eternal protection for us definitely...a pleasurable thing!
    Nice lines1

  3. Thanks for sharing the incredible verses. I do enjoy them.

  4. Beautiful words Alan. To have that measure of belief must be a wonderful thing.
    Kind regards.
    Anna :o]


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