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Monday, 28 July 2014

Psalm 9

Benches adorn a square of grass
Asleep by a public fountain
A tree stands as great as heaven
Chequered pattern dancing in the light

And not far from the old stone wall
Where paths and narrow porches
Decorate the shadows
And dance submerged in flint and glass
The earth lies flooded with glory

On a clear calm evening
In an act of praise
Abbey bells ring
For the dream becomes reality

Taste the bread of life
Accept the gift of grace
Sweet the moment immersed in love
For worship bursts with desire
In radiant shining glory.


Psalm 9 - New Living Translation


  1. it sounds like a beautiful night out...drowning a bit in that praise and earth so full of his glory...i love being out in the park...and finding god in nature...

  2. I love the line accept the gift of grace. We always seem to find it hard to accept - I wonder why particularly when we've asked for it!

  3. Absolutely beautiful and powerful.

    We should see the wonders of all creation around us and accept the gift of grace...I really like that.

    Thanks for coming by to visit.

  4. Filled with the most beautiful words!!! Lovely!


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