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Monday, 6 May 2013

Crimson Flow

The deepest longing
Everlasting gift
Longest adventure
Pure delight
Dazzling morning
Blinding light
Crimson flow
Brings us to God

Once far away
Nothing added
Without hope
In a vast void
Wrath removed
Chasm bridged
Crimson flow
Brings us to God

Experience his love
Lasting joy
Displayed in grace
Wonderful liberty
Treasures abound
Crowns of glory
Crimson flow
Brings us to God


  1. Indeed we all are in this world, coz god is holding our thread by his blessings. We should always be thankful to lord, for he keeps us under his protection and love. Many different religions, but the essence of god is same in each of them.
    You see god in Jesus, I see god in Lord Shiva( Hinduism), but the underlying faith is same.

    Coz god loves all...

  2. I like the repetitive lines of each verse:

    Crimson flow
    Brings us to God

    Indeed it does ~


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