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Thursday, 16 May 2013


Pure divine glory,
Undiluted, unadulterated.
Hammered, beaten, shaped,
Gold, pure, created by God’s word.
An altar crafted
A place of atonement
Mercy, made of unpolluted love,
Given, hidden,
Within human fragility,
Touching hearts, giving
Life, created with God’s Spirit.
Pure holy fire,
Burning, shaping, molding,
Crafted with skill
Beaten within reach
A sacrifice of pure gold,
An offering poured out ruby wine,
In the place of wrath and
Driven by love,
Pure divine love,
Intimate, intertwined, interwoven,
Sinless, created in God’s Son.
In the place of crafted sweat,
In the heart of desire,
Under a golden grace covenant,
A dance of joy,
An eternal delight,
Bruised and created, for
Intimate love.

Written for Theme Thursday


  1. Well written.


  2. but it can give rise to greed and jealousy

  3. Love the way you wove the physical with the spiritual.

  4. I like that intimate love ~ I only find it sad that not that many people see and give it back ~

    Have a good weekend Alan ~

  5. I guess I would say that love is purer than gold if given with all of one's heart and soul. I think that most of us search for that one pure love most of our life and we think we find it only to realize, usually too late, that it was just an illusion and we have the choice to accept the illusion in the hope it will turn out to be pure or to move on and keep searching. I think more and more people move on to keep searching and maybe some find it but I think most do not. And maybe the one true pure love is the one between you and your God. You are the one who knows how pure your heart is and God definitely knows too. There are no secrets between the two of you.

    I really do love how your poem is so descriptive and takes us on a journey of purity and love.

    Thank you for sharing this with us for this weeks Theme Thursday. May you have a week full of joyfulness and love.

    God bless.


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