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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The Prodigal

He cannot undo the past
Tasting the bitterness of shame
Haunted by embarrassment
Cast adrift in helplessness,
Towards the house where he was born,
Grew up,
Longed to be free.

His miserable, repentant steps
No shoes heavy on his feet,
Weighted down only by a forlorn heart
Riddled with guilt.

Awaiting his father’s burning response,
A moment through unworthy eyes,

His father running
His father’s love
His father’s embrace
His father’s acceptance

Before the fog of sorrow raises its sword,
A dance of joy, compassion with a kiss.

The best robe
Ring on his finger
Sandals on his feet

This is my son, who has come home.

Written for Poetry Jam


  1. Alan, the Prodigal Son story rings so true whether in the old days or today. A child, who has gone astray, is (hopefully) always welcomed home with open arms by his parents and given a new beginning!

  2. I can only imagine how the child must feel as he is working his/her way home. Not knowing how he/she will be received. And how a parent must feel as he/she sees his child again after some time! There IS always hope.

  3. The Prodigal Son is the first Bible story I recall reading as a child (or remembering) ... I enjoyed your poem Alan.

  4. I like this very much Alan. It rings very true. I do hope you have not had to go through this with one of your kids as it is a very painful thing for a parent I am sure. I like the new design of your blog page too. Neat bridge--do they have those in the UK? I think they are only in a few places in the US and I have not seen one. Enjoy your trip and thanks for posting this.

  5. lovely...i am a prodigal in many ways...had a really dark time where i ran from everything familiar...it was after this that in coming home my relationshop with my parents really deepened...wonderful write man

  6. Aww... such a fine example of unconditional love and forgiveness.

  7. A beautiful story still ~ The prodigal son returning to his forgiving father, and being bestowed the best, gives me hope for all of us ~

  8. The Bible is a life manual full of psychology and truth (imo)
    The prodigal son is not always re enacted in life.One must remember there is the important element of resolve to atone by the son to attain forgiveness. So it is not completely unconditional. This is important . His brother was not too thrilled at his A list reception. I empathised with this also.Interesting poem and thought provoking ...oh and the shoes:)

  9. Beautiful piece, love the contrast of heaviness from grief not shoes--forgiveness is a wonderful thing:-)

  10. lovely poem. Forgiving is a pure gift. Have a great weekend and thanks for visiting.


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