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Wednesday, 9 October 2013


The rain turns to sleet
With words of faint hope
The harsh granite sky
With a thousand cries

I watch from the dark doorway
I now see it disappear
So mauve and dark blue
Certain of the storm

I came here in cold winter
I climbed the white marble steps
Hoping I would find
All that time has held.

The days of past bloom
With hopes now fashioned
Heals the seasons chill
As I step forward.

The fragile hope in my hand
With love now finally found
The awakening of truth
With the colour of your grace.

Written for Poetry Jam


  1. I like the sense of hope that is palpable in your poem Alan!
    We now have the feeling you have found some truth to hold on to, an echo of "All that time has held."

  2. smiles....nice last stanza in particular alan...it is a journey to love and grace that never ends....we are always finding it anew

  3. I like the way that you step forward in this poem...and the way you find what you have sought: truth & grace! (I enjoyed your photo too, Alan.)

  4. I love the idea of steps toward a hope-filled life.

  5. Very beautiful, Alan, a seeker on the path. Your final stanza is a wowzer! Really beautiful.

  6. Such a beautiful feel to this poem. You take the reader on a journey, step by step.

  7. I tried commenting before but for some reason could not post so am back again. I enjoyed that you came forward to find love in this.

  8. I like that you stepped forward, found Love, Grace and Hope. May Light be with you <3

  9. Alan, beautiful images and contrast of finding hope and grace in the cold winter. Lovely :-)


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