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Sunday, 6 October 2013


I sit here and wait
My bruised and battered heart
Tells tales more fearful
As hungry seconds slowly pass
In frightful moments
I didn't fall.

Essence of life
Truth is dying before my eyes
What am I to do?
 Love greets me as a stranger
Conspires with me to escape
Gracious, each time.

No memory stays
A Teflon heart wasted away
Come to me and gaze
Move over time, dance on the surface
Find me racked with guilt
Come for me, now.

Written for the Mag - 189


  1. "In frightful moments
    I didn't fall."

    My favorite line in this...it says it all. It's not how often you give your heart away, but rather holding onto your essence, that inner strength that protects you from breaking when you fall. Well penned.

  2. love greats me as a stranger...and conspires with me to escape....smiles...nice lines alan...the teflon heart as well is a great touch.....if only...smiles...

  3. Death is one thing which will free from fear .

  4. this is so painfully lovely.....your words are perfect

  5. Beautiful writing ... each stanza a poem all by itself.

  6. Especially like Teflon heart...lovely piece...

  7. This is incredible, powerful, emotional, aching with regret I love it!

  8. So sad. I am coming...please wait a little longer...
    Anna :o]


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