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Monday, 3 June 2013


The stronger the love
The harder it is to say goodbye
It is a simple equation
A child’s smile warms a stony heart,
A drop of rain starts a mighty river,
A sunflower turns and bends in the wind,
Made perfect in simple acts.
Thoughts of stepping out, and breaking the sky,
So hold my hand,
And kiss my lips
Touch my ancient skin
As I take the step
Reaching out to embrace,
Scattered petals ripped from forlorn flowers.
Let the power of your love,
Keep us together, forever,
Beginning as I leave,
For the journey,
A multitude of changes
Fill the air.

Written for Poetry Jam


  1. This is beautiful, Alan. So true, if the love is deep it is very hard to say good-bye! Love IS powerful, isn't it?

    Nice prompt this week, Alan!

  2. This is a deep and heartfelt approach to the final goodbye ... but love conquers that separation for it lives on indefinitely. Beautiful poem, Alan.

  3. there is a heaviness to this one alan...the final parting...the leaving...i felt a finility in it...so true on those opening lines as well...

  4. Gorgeous, Alan. Love has that power!

  5. Another great poem to add to this weeks collection! You really provided a great prompt!
    "So hold my hand,
    And kiss my lips"
    loved the pace of these lines in your poem.

  6. Alan, I absolutely loved this! A simple equation made perfect in simple acts--you chose wonderful examples:-)


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