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Thursday, 6 June 2013

I Remember

I remember

Your eyes,
Your hollow stare

Of an Empty day
As deaths white horse
In shadows and light
Transforming eclipse

Nothing is real.

Convince me
Touch the past

Alter my face
With squandered breath
And chosen grace

Peer through windows
Stranded awe
Into a world of dangerous intent
Your peace

Each step unseen
Brings me life

Colors my soul
Cleanses my temple
In moments of stillness
Reveals time shape

I remember.

Written for Poets United


  1. Nothing is real, convince me touch the past..oh what lines

  2. There is sadness at the beginning of the poem, Alan......which seems to transition to reflection at the end. I don't know if I am correct or not, but I see in this poem the poet observing an elderly person with Alzheimers & coming to terms with it.

  3. Coming to terms with a person living in a condition is a challenge for his loved ones. Very well put Alan

  4. Grace will do that...
    beautiful progression from emptiness to color filled reality

  5. A beautiful write, especially love "colors my soul, cleanses my temple".

  6. its a journey man...as much as it is through your words...the sadness i feel in the beginning to the feel of a bit of hope in the end...that last stanza is my fav...

  7. To look into those eyes would surely be unforgettable.

  8. A lot of sadness in this poem. I loved he lines - Each step unseen
    Brings me life Colours my soul - full of hope.


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