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Wednesday, 31 July 2013


Just be quiet and listen
You can hear the sound
If you will only listen.

That’s right. You can hear it on the wind
From above
In the sky
And in seconds, he could be next to you.
His voice like a flowing river
His words to quench your fear
His presence carries hope
The answer to your prayers.

Listen again. The supersonic rush
When you need him
When you call out
Even when you are unaware.

What is he saying?
It’s the same for everyone
The words you can hear
“Do not fear. I am here.”

‘S’ is for Superman or is it for salvation?


Written for Poetry Jam


  1. better than being faster than a bullet - very thoughtful and appropriate!

  2. I AM, here...smiles.
    one day soon...coming in the skies..
    there are a lot of parallels in the superman mythos
    to christianity...was just talking about this
    the other day with another blogger

  3. I like especially, "Do not fear. I am here." Those are words that should be heeded.

  4. This feels very spiritual Alan--lovely. We all need those words at times. Nice writing.

  5. Salvation, Sanity, Sanctuary--all there for us, for the asking; a wonderful poem that takes us several directions at once; thanks.

  6. SSDD/Same song, different "deity." I love this dig on pop culture and how you tie it in with spiritual values. Very inventive! amy

  7. Alan, this is a lovely analogy ... lovely.

  8. Alan, this is like a meditation--such a peaceful flow of words, very nice :-)

  9. Never thought of God as being superman . I suppose God does have super powers but his sense of aesthetics would prevent him from wearing a superman suit:)

  10. Yes ... be still and know that I am ... this is a beautiful assertion you've written.

  11. Nice. Very thought provoking.

  12. Nice that you see the divine in the mundane.


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