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Friday, 5 July 2013

The Traveler

He traveled far and wide
Discovered unknown oceans
Crossed solitary deserts
Allowing relentless time to pass.

He kept an ancient compass
Rode a sad camel
Flew with aimless vultures
Till time ceased to matter

He drew a curious map
Talked to hidden crocodiles
Argued with smuggled snakes
Allowing time to stretch inside

He searched in a cold climate
Inhabited by lost strangers
Caught within a lonely void
Till time dissolved into love.

Written for Theme Thursday


  1. A journey in symbology, undertaken. Vistas discovered and a path walked. This is good Stuff!

  2. Sad camels, aimless vultures, hidden crocodiles and smuggled snakes...OH MY!

  3. Maybe he was projecting onto the camel and vultures until he found love in his life? A journey worth the travel!


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