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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Just Past The Center

The cold air
Swirls like cotton
Rain drops
Slowly to the ground
Threads of colour
Dance down the creases
Of black umbrellas.

The Vicar’s words
Shatter hushed silence
And curiosity rises
A quiet fascination
Held in spun sound
Hushed words of life
Spilled in sorrows ground.

A disturbing thought
Slips into my mind
Perhaps the grief
Mingles with time and age
Just past the center
Close to midnight
Is buried together

On the stroke of hope
Beams of light
Lift darkened tears
With the colour of life
That spins its threaded chart
I treasure the promise
Around my trembling heart.


Written for Poets United and Theme Thursday


  1. Hi Alan,

    I like how this takes you to a place that one thinks of as despair and then turns it into a feeling of hope that everything will work out and there is almost a joyfulness about the end as if a promise that they will one day be together again. I think it is a good poem about how love know no boundaries between people that love each other and somehow they are always together and will somehow see each other again. I think this is what keeps the people still alive. That someday they will be with their loved ones. Truly brings tears to my eyes. I guess we will always have a fascination with what happens to those who pass on.

    Thanks for a poem that makes us think about something we would rather not even though we think about it at different times and for sharing it with us at Theme Thursday. I hope you have a peaceful weekend and maybe find some fascinating things to do.

    God bless.

  2. The promise indeed gives us hope, Alan, and is something to be treasured.

  3. ...i can sense a better beginning after all these griefs... you managed to give this piece balance t'ward the end... i enjoyed this... smiles...

  4. I so resonate with these words - the grief that "mingles with time and age just past the center"......and I, too, love the "stroke of hope" and the promise that lifts that "trembling heart". Lovely. Very evocative.

  5. this is lovely! i hope you will consider submitting a piece to PilgrimsPoem.com like this. aloha!

  6. This feels solemn, reverent. I really like that final beautiful stanza especially.

  7. Very visual images, spiraling rain threads turning into tears, mingling with thoughts and uplifting by sun beams...very life-affirming, and last line 'I treasure the promise
    Around my trembling heart.' ~ hope is always with us ~ a vibrant poem

  8. Lovely piece the detailing paints the journey

  9. Agree with humbird. That last line closes the poem beautifully and with hope. The Imagery is well spent! I like this piece, Alan.

  10. Your last stanza could stand alone, filled with meaning and emotion. Nicely done.

  11. "On the stroke of hope" - many good lines in here! Thank you for sharing!

  12. I treasure the promise..such a beautiful outlook. Fantastic piece!

  13. Beautiful & uplifting to read Alan ~ We find solace & hope when we listen to His words, even in our darkest times ~

    Have a lovely week ahead ~

  14. I loved the promise of trembling heart ! Very beautiful Alan :-)


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