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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

The Lost Coin

She searched
By candle light
Stretched out her heart
And hoped
In every place
In every nook and cranny
Until she found it
And she knew, that in her hands
Was the answer.
So gently, she held unto the lost coin
She lovingly, kept it safe,

Written for Poetry Jam


  1. :) sweet...we all have such treasures that we wont ever want to lose.

  2. kinda like a sheep eh? smiles...i know this story....all in what you treasure eh? smiles.

  3. very meaningful...hope - lost, but not last...

  4. Sometimes it is not the most valuable things that are of important but the most meaningful little treasures one can hold in one's hand. Or maybe these little treasures symbolize something even greater as well. I enjoyed this, Alan.

  5. There's that initial panic when we lose something special but the huge sense of relief when we find it is the best.

  6. the most valuable things I have are kept close within my heart ... i can only hope they don't become lost there ...

  7. Lovely image here Alan, someone searching by candlelight. Sets a gentle mood.

  8. We have a coin collection, so I can most definitely relate.

  9. I could do with a lot of those coins...a bathtub full would make me happy!:)

  10. A lost coin, happy she found it. Maybe she was going to flip it to make a decision? Heads or tails? This is how I'm interpreting it. Thought provoking. :)

  11. This is beautiful ... losing hope is a devastating thing.

  12. Alan, a beautiful poem, the tension of loss and then relief of finding something precious to us. We all have those touchstones of security :-)

  13. kind of like a lucky rabbits foot - or a beloved keepsake - makes me wonder of the story behind that coin.


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