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Wednesday, 18 September 2013


I never understood
When the darkness came
That I could live
Without blindness
That the more I saw
I could accept the peace
Which passes understanding.

The world got darker
Without light
Shadows of evil
Of souls oblivion
And binding.

How did I let this happen?
Was I not ready for the battle?
Was I not aware of you?
Perhaps I was blind,
Closed my eyes,
To your light
And kindness.

Written for Poetry Jam


  1. it is a danger...seeing too much and letting the darkness overwhelm what light we have....cling to that light, for it will surely beat back the darkness

  2. The world is getting darker alright. We have lost our way in the thicket of materialism and secularism!

  3. nice one...yep its growing darker by the day

  4. Definitely there IS a way out of darkness....if we open ourselves to the light. Strong message in your words, Alan.

  5. He is always there to show us the way...


  6. there is light at the end hopefully..........though light and darkness..part of life and battle is unending.....nicely done

  7. The darkness and the light, the ying and yang of life.

  8. I like the way you examine both darkness and light in this along with the role of the observer. Thank you for participating and posting!!

  9. The introspection of this poem appeals to me, as it is in seeing within that we see more clearly without. Love this poem, kiddo! Great topic!

  10. Light and kindness...oh that we may see it! Beautiful Alan.

  11. I love the spirituality in your words ....

  12. Alan, I love the shape and sounds of your poem :-) And the message is so true, we have to open ourselves to the light to see it


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